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The Repeat Offender

OK, it shameless, flat-out, have you no pride, self promotion time, because my other blog,   The Blithering Idiot, has failed to bring me instant fame, let alone acclaim.   [Could it be that there is just little demand for crudely written, vulgar poetry?]  I’m really into 50’s rock and roll, and still have the first 45 I ever bought: Yakety Yak by the Coasters. This was a little diddie I planned to post on The Idiot, but felt it worthy of Hansifcation. It combines The Platters hit “The Great Pretender” with my career as a crime fighter.

It’s called, what else? The Repeat Offender. If you’re not familiar with the tune, meaning you’re under 60, you can U Tube it below, to bring ya up to speed.

Oh yes, I’m the repeat offender

Offending when you’re not around

My greed is such

I offend too much

I’m lonely, sittin’ here, in my cell

Oh yes, I’m the repeat offender

Adrift in a cell of my own

I’ve played the game

but much to my shame

And I’m left here, with my sins to atone.

To steal, is the feeling of a master thief

To steal, when I feel, I can deceive

Oh yes, I’m the repeat offender

Just laughing at you like a clown

I appear to be, what you don’t wanna see

Stealin’ everything that is not nailed down.

Re-offending when you’re not around.

To steal, is the feeling of a master thief

To steal, when I feel, I can deceive.

Yes, I’m a repeat offender

Just hating, my life here, in lock-down

I seem to be, in a cell, you see

I’m waiting to be, taken downtown,

For taking everything that’s around.


Comments on: "The Repeat Offender" (5)

  1. My wife was warming up to you sharing as you do the horrors of a German upbringing here in the land of the free. Still The Platters are her favorite group and one doesn’t survive long in the Carlson household when she is displeased. She won’t take kindly to mocking them.
    Your experience with criminals or wannabe criminals certainly shines in these lyrics. I hope they are merely the distillation of years or exposure rather than evidence of learning from experience.

    • Ralph…Tell your wife the Platters inspired me. I have many of their records, on 45, and they were a truly unique black group in the 50’s, as they transitioned well into the white market. Only You……..

  2. Yakety yak, don’t talk back – I remember that one Hansi, although I wasn’t a great R & R fan. The Great Pretender was a better one though.

    Have you thought of a second career in songwriting? You sure have the talent.

    Ashton-under-Lyne, UK

    • Thanks Bill…I’ll stick with blogging and throw in an occasional “blast from the past”. I’ve got a question for you. You were a young teenager in the 50’s. How much American R&R and R&B where you able to hear in the UK those days. I know our peers like the Beatles and Stones covered a lot of Chuck Berry, and blues guys early on. Was it all American stuff? was it censored? on BBC or where? All stuff I’d be interested in, and possibly worthy of a blog post from your side of the pond.

      • I was no expert in R&R and R&B but I can remember that all the UK bands were influenced by your countrymen and all your R&R was available over here. I can’t think of any that was censored.

        Of that era I was a fan of Duane Eddy and the Everly Brothers and later Roy Orbison. I eventually found jazz through the Dave Brubeck Quartet and that’s been my bag ever since.

        I think John McNally might be able to give you a more comprehensive answer Hansi.

        Ashton-under-Lyne, UK

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