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Damn!   I woke up this morning, and what did I find?  This wonderful note from my wife.  Daylight Savings Time.

Damn…I’m late already, and it ain’t my fault.  There’s a conspiracy out there to screw with my mind, and totally upset all the order in my life.  One might ask,  “Hansi, what the hell are You late for?  Your ancient ass is retired, you don’t have to go to work.   All ya do is wake up,  get loaded and crank out bullshit on your stupid-ass blog”.

Well, that may be very well be true; and I’d like to thank the tax payers of California, the tax payers in the United States, and Jesus for affording me this ‘lavish’ lifestyle.  But still, I have a routine, not to mention followers to keep happy, and being an hour late puts a lot of pressure on me.  How am I gonna fit in an hour nap around noon, when it’s 1:00 already?

The only saving grace is, changing digital clocks an hour forward, requires only a single click of the hour button, rather that 12 or 13 to go backwards like we gotta do in the Fall. “Spring forward-Fall back” has saved my butt many a time.

I suppose I’ll adjust.  Maybe I’ll start with my attitude.  Enjoy daylight Savings; I’m going outside for an attitude adjustment.



Comments on: "Damn" (7)

  1. Hansi, the beauty of retirement is we don’t have to give a shit about time.

    Ashton-under-Lyne, UK

    • Well said Bill. When do you do daylight savings in the UK??

      • We call it British Summer Time (BST) Hansi, that’s a laugh as we don’t normally get much of a summer!

        Clocks go forward, GMT+ 1 hour on the last Sunday in March and back the last Sunday in October.

        Ashton-under-Lyne, UK

  2. Imagine if your lovely wife had not left you the note. You would be late but you wouldn’t know it. What a catastrophe.

    • You’re right Ralph…that idiotic post would have been made an hour earlier. I’m glad I got me a good woman to keep me straight (in all senses of the phrase).

  3. could you please tell me what the time is .. does anybody really care ? .. 😉

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