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The Tea Party

I try and stay neutral on political stuff, but just have to comment on the Tea Party. It’s also a good way for me to tag up my blog with a subject that is bound to get a lot of Google hits and increase my readership. Hey there’s a lot of good shit in my brain, and I ‘m sure a lot of people want to hear about it.

To me, the Tea Party is just a bunch of scared old white men who can’t live with the fact that America has a Negro for President. The Republicans were quick to hire a Negro as their party’s chairman, but recently canned his  Oreo ass. So ya gotta now live with the fact that it’s the black man’s turn to run the country and turn everything to shit.

Now I’m a scared old white man too. But in 2008 it got pretty frickin’ scary cause of what an old white man did to the Country, and even scarier that an even older white man thought he had all the answers. Sarah Palin (better tag that one) was a good choice of running mate, cause she was hot; a bull-dog with lipstick, or was it pigs who wore lipstick? Anyway, she was kinda scary too. The thought of a pre-menopausal woman  being a heart beat away from the presidency, was too much. Any married guy over 50 knows what that would be like.

There are somethings I like about the Tea Party. But come on you guys; in order to be taken seriously, you gotta stop wearing silly hats and carrying your lawn chairs with ya everywhere ya go cause you’re so out of shape. I too want the government out of my wallet, and especially out of my bedroom. I’m fiscally conservative, but socially a liberal: the thought of some bureaucrat laying in bed with me and the wife is abhorant. I can barely stand her snoring all night, let alone having some stranger in the sack with us chiming in and monitoring the proceedings.

The Tea Partyers just gotta start making more sense. Although I revel in nonsense, you can’t make serious statements about health care issues by uttering stuff like” I don’t want the government messing with my Social Security and Medi Care”.   Hello…….Where do ya think those oh so sweet Social Security checks come from?

You guys also gotta stop taking things so seriously. I got a friend, who I love to death, but he’s just too serious about all this shit. I admit my liberal bent is a bunch of shit, but he’s hard-core, and thinks me, little more that a socialist, just waiting to re-distribute his wealth. I always come back with something like, “ How are ya gonna help the poor out of poverty if ya don’t start raising their welfare checks”.   He goes balistic on that one.

Oh yeah. They don’t have a corner on the Patriotic market either. I avoided did my military service just as “W” did, in the National Guard. I don’t belong to the ‘Big Fat Commie Socialist’ Democratic ‘America Haters’ party, just as You don’t belong to the Grand Old ‘Nazi’ Party. The only party I’m interested in now (besides the one going on in my mind), is one that will deal with my issues. If they had a Get Up Three Times A Night And PEE Party, I’d join that.

Lastly. Give up the Birther nonsense. Obama’s birthplace, Hawaii, is a matter of public record. And think about it. If it were really true, that he is not legally eligible to be President because of his birthplace,  logic would imply that you guys are a bunch of inept, incompetent ( and not doubt incontinent) pussies who can’t even enforce the bullshit ya believe in. Have him impeached or shut the phuck up.

I’ll take my leave and let you fume one.


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  1. Hansi,
    Food for thought here, although I guess maybe you are getting forgetful in your old age. The current prez is our second black President. How can you have forgotten old Bill so quickly. Black Presidents are so 20th century. What we need these days is something new and exotic. I’m thinking that we are ready for the first Labradoodle president and I think she should campaign on Facebook.
    BTW, it surely is a good thing that your wife doesn’t read your blog. She surely appreciates your telling everyone that she snores.

    • Ah yes Bill, and Monica….and Hill is Secretary of State [it’s become a woman’s job now]. Yep, good thing the Wife never reads my blogs; there’s a lot that wouldn’t be said if she were.

  2. Hansi, yer confused…as usual.

    Let’s start with the “taken seriously” shit. If the tea party (little “t”, little “P” Hansi)isn’t a truly serious force, how the hell did November happen?

    Second, quit thinking R’s and D’s. You should have been looking back through th political posts on JuicyMaters before I dropped it in the rebuild. There was a post titled “Two Parties, four philosophies…and a tiger by the tail”. It fully explained the D vs R thing.

    You’ll have a second chance at it though. I’m building a totally separate political site, “A Common Sense Conversation” (www.common-sense-conversation.com) that will be 100% politics and policies…and will have all the content from the old political section of JM.

    The new site will be up and running in 3-4 weeks…

    • OK…I may stand corrected, and I knew this would be a touchie subject, but it let it rip anyway. Let us know when your new site is up and running/ranting. Your always welcome to lay a link here.

  3. i agree, “chiming in” in my bed is my responsibility.. and btw isn’t today’s drawing just a little phallic ?

  4. geezerpussrex said:

    I have to disagree with you on this Tea Party call and toss in a pair of plated zinc tokens, formerly known as two-cents. Palin is over… old news and dead in the water. Tea Baggers… the political noisemakers and not those odd fellows with scrotum fetishes.. let her crash their parties for a time, as people rally around mushmouthed celebrities regardless of what they’re spouting off. The self-proclaimed maverick is now a buzzard who can’t gather even 10% backing in the Republican straw polls regarding 2012. She’s the daffy cousin with the odd kids, the enigmatic husband and the coolest Jeep Wrangler to show up at the dysfunctional family reunion. Let her go…she is the failed contestant who doesn’t recognize that her 15 minutes of relevance are over.

  5. geezerpussrex said:

    P.S…. keep up with the phallic stuff. Those TeaBaggers need to know there are truly powerful forces out there with pointy things they don’t mind using.

  6. geezerpussrex said:

    P.S.S.: Hansi!! The State of Hawaii is making bank on all these birthplace doubters. Hawaii now charges a hefty fee and sends copies of Obama’s birth certificate to anyone willing to pay up. Hawaiian coffers will soon bulge with ducats from crazy-assed conspiracy theorists, leaving them with less money to buy 32 cartridge ammo clips. It’s a win-win until someone tries to use one of those birth certificates to bring Cousin Barack Hussein over from Shoddi Arabia.

    • GP….ya left the I out of P.S.S. Those republicans are pro business for sure. And playin’ both sides of the Birther issue; clever guys. they would shut the F-up if there were a bullshit tax.

  7. Hans, you should emigrate to England, we have the perfect government for you; a coalition between Conservatives and Liberals.

    Like you I’m economically conservative and socially liberal. I think the government will let you in….you’re not black are you?

    apolitical in Leamington Spa, England

    PS. 10 out of 10 for a great name; ‘Tea Party’, perfect, we built a world empire on tea.

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