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Quality Time

Now that’s a term ya don’t hear too much any more. It’s kind of a throw-back from the 80’s. That would be the time when all us Baby Boomers gave up our Hippie ways (stopped smoking Pot) and became Yuppies: totally selling out to uber-materialism and wealth accumulation (started growing Pot commercially). For our evil deeds, the gods rewarded us with two horrific stock market declines, and are busily taking away our pension funding.

What got me going on this, was a fellow blogger [I won’t mention who, but he’s on my Blogs I Follow Page…that’s a pretty clever trick to get all my followers linking to other’s Blogs and thereby increasing everyone’s traffic, isn’t it John?]. He did a post on Resolutions, as did everybody in the Blog-O-Spear and how he resolved to post 50 to 75 ‘quality’ comments a week on other blogs. What I think he meant was that he was actually gonna read those Blogs and reply intelligently to it’s content.

This is what triggered old Hansi into this whole head-trip about Quality Time….versus, of course, time of questionable, or little value, which suffers from shoddy workmanship. [A good example of this would be Me Writing this blog, and You Reading it] So, Q T is an 80’s term denoting time when you are fully present and actively involved, not tuned out dreaming up some new moronic, blog post. It usually involved time spent with your children. Because we all wanted to give them the best of everything, even time, so they’d have that advantage over the rest of the kids when entering pre-school, or [barf] Montessori.

Well. I used this term also. But being true to my inner Hansi nature, I used it as a by-word for marital bliss time. Come on…You probably did too! This time appreciated in its Quality, because there were only certain times when you could enjoy it. Like during that brief window of opportunity, between when the kids were sound asleep, and before You were sound asleep. You had to act fast, and slip it in, squeeze it in (you know what I mean) when you could, or wait till the next Friday night. [I sure hope my Son, Bad Deacon isn’t readying this. He’ll probably put himself up for adoption after finding this shit out].

Well, like Disco, the term Quality Time is gone now. Fading into obscurity along with ‘YUPPIE’, ‘DINK’ (double income no kids) and all things New Age. I hope I have provided you with a little Quality Time (don’t let your mind turn to filth). And that this post has brought back a lot of fond memories of when you actually used to have sex.

You now know what quality time means to me. What does it mean to you?


Comments on: "Quality Time" (17)

  1. Dad,

    You are seriously making me regret helping you start this blog 😉

    If only our brains had an “unread” function…

    • Sorry….Thought I could “slip” this one by you.

    • Your sister Heidi said:

      Sean,my favorite nephew, don’t regret your starting your Dad’s blog–haven’t had so much written fun in years!
      In fact, never regret anything, just file under useful or not.
      And there is a “unread” function in our brain, it’s called elderly feeble-mindedness. You’ll get someday just like the rest of us senior citizens!

  2. groovy post hansi, you’re very hip, man !! – although squeeze, slip – goodness 😉

    • Gotta get in some quality time any which way you can.

    • Your sister Heidi said:

      “Groovy”. Haven’t heard that one since the middle 60’s.
      What ever happened to all those good phrases we used to apply? I remember my first time back to the States (in ’75) and commented on something by saying: “I can dig that.” And you, Hansi, said quietly “We don’t say that anymore.” I then started learning the newest American slang just to have it been antiquated the next time I came over. What a bummer!

      • Well, what goes around, comes around. I started using “I can dig it” again (pretty groovy don’t ya think?), but nobody knows what I’m talking about. Real Bummer!

  3. Yes, quality time, that use to be quite often. I use to like spending QT with different people, all female I might add. Those were the days.

    Ashton-under-Lyne, UK

  4. Hansi,
    I have long felt that a good father’s most important role is to embarrass his son(s). It is one of the things I do best.

  5. All time spent with my husband is by definition quality time. 🙂

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