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Boy. The shit has sure hit the old fan over there. Looks like it blew in from Tunisia, and could turn into a real sand storm which could effect Jordan and Saudi Arabia. Who would think that 30 years of the same old dictatorship and 25% unemployment could cause such a stir? Everybody (world leaders) are starting to freak out now cause, if the whole of the Middle eat goes berserk [again], what are we gonna do about our oil supplies and the lifestyle to which we have become accustomed?

This isn’t gonna be a Geo-political rant about the injustices suffered by the common people in the Arab world. Cause when I think about Egypt, I think about the Pyramids, the Sphinx, and…The Mummy. And not his latest incarnations, but the good old Boris Karloff and Lon Chaney Mummies. From Universal pictures. That was some scary-ass stuff as a kid. What I couldn’t quit understand though, is how anyone with two good feet could get caught by the Mummy. He was a cripple, with a bad leg he could only drag, and a left hand still wrapped to his chest after all these thousands of years… I always knew, “I”, could outrun that sucker, and if need be, just get a match, find a loose band aide he was wearing, and light his raggedy ass on fire. But thank god for clumsy female actresses who couldn’t take more than two steps before falling down screaming. They sure employed a lot of folks with disabilities at Universal.

But here’s the real part of this post, with a true story. Have you ever reflected on how fate, chance, or just plain dumb luck has save you from a world of hurt? Dig this: A fellow retiree buddy of mine decided to do an Egyptian tour when the climate over there is favorable: late January. So a few months ago he booked an Egyptian tour via an on-line travel service. I was excited for him, cause, I thought about an Egyptian tour a few years back when one first goes through the “let’s travel” phase of retirement.

Basically every tour is the Same. Cairo… up the Nile to Aswan, then back down by boat to Luxor. I wanted to do it, researched it on the net. Very doable; just click the ‘purchase’ button. But the thought of flying from LAX to Cairo, with probable stop at Heathrow, was more than my aging ass could take. We did New Zealand in 2006. 14 hours, LAX to Auckland..just a good sleeping pill away. I won’t mention the terror of immediately getting off the plane, and in somewhat of a drug haze, having to drive 200 kilometers on the Wrong Side Of The Road. I mean, you might as well have been driving backwards, it was so crazy. [did manage after a bit, and it wasn’t so bad drivin’ on the left hand side, it was just those turnabouts that got a little tricky.] So, 24 hours of traveling was not something I wanted to do, and it went no further.

Well, mid January rolls around and I call my friend, and Zoowie!!: They’re not going. What??? Seems like they discovered Trip Advisor, and started reading reviews of the company that operated their tour, and….you guessed it …Bad reviews. Horror stories about lousy service, bad food, flies, and leaking cruise vessels. Long story short. They canceled the tour, even speaking to the Company president, and got a full refund of their money. [unheard of] It appears that the Company was getting such consistent bad reviews, that they were willing to refund peoples money; their business depending mainly on word of mouth referrals.

In Retrospect, and here’s the karmic/fate part, they canceled themselves out of a shit-load of suffering. I called him last Wednesday morning when I first saw the rioting in Cairo on CNN News. “You lucky mother f…er.” We both laughed our ancient asses off, cause on that day of the riot, he and wifey would have been in Cairo, at the airport, and no doubt willing to pay anything to get on a plane, and get the hell out of there. Funny how emotions can run from, “we’re Getting Screwed on this trip” to relief and some regrets about not going, to “We could have Gotten Screwed by Taking This Trip”. It’s really strange how things play-out; all we gotta do, is go along for the emotional roller coaster.

Hope all works out well for the Egyptians. It certainly worked out well for my Bud.


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  1. Obviously Egypt is more popular with UK travellers than travellers from the states because of ther flight times.

    Having said that Hansi I wouldn’t go if it was free, everyone and I mean everyone, that I know, that have been have come back with the shits, or worse food poisoning of one form or another.

    Basically there is no personal hygeine over there, how would you fancy a meal prepared by someone who has whiped his arse with his hand and not washed afterwards?

    Ashton-under-Lyne, UK

    • Thanks Bill. I forwarded your comment to my friend, who is still on his knees thanking God he didn’t go. You’re right about the hygiene bit. Most of the protesters I’ve seen on the news look rather unkempt, and probably smell like tear-gas. I certainly wouldn’t buy a King Tut Taco from them.

  2. Your sister Heidi said:

    I just have to comment on the Arabians sense of personal hygiene: I took a trip to Morocco a few years ago and on the way from Agadir to Marrakech we had to cross over the Atlas Mountains. The bus made a tea stop at one of the highest points and I had to use the restroom. After asking where it was, the waiter pointed to what looked like a wooden shack on the edge on a cliff. I walked over and opened the wooden door– it was one boarded wall with a hole in the ground!, but the most beautiful view over-looking about 1000 miles of the Sahara Desert I have yet to see!!!

  3. Your sister Heidi said:

    No toilet paper, but I always have a pack of Kleenex in my pocket, which is still probably blowing across the Sahara somewhere!

  4. Your sister Heidi said:

    Hey, try hitting that hole in the ground with Sahara winds blowing you over! I’m glad my peepee hit the hole and not my pant leg.

    • Dear Sister Heidi. If you would have had more experience standing, rather than squatting, you would know that you never pee into the wind.

  5. Your sister Heidi said:

    Hansi, I’m too old to start practicing standing up peeing. I prefer sitting, especially nights when I have to get up (does this sound familiar?) and am glad when the seat cover isn’t down.

  6. So many threads to follow here but I too share your feeling that anyone could escape the mummy given its serious debilitation. I guess the truth must be that the incredible focus of the mummy easily overcame the distracted right brain-left bran confusion of mere mortals. It would be interesting to test that hypothesis but with all that trouble in Cairo, it will just have to wait.

    • Sadly Ralph, that hypothesis will never be tested, Cairo notwithstanding. Gone forever are the days of the Universal Mummy movies. The new Mummy has almost super powers, and looks like a guy you wouldn’t want to fool with. Sorry

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