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Don’t call me an Idiot, you Imbecile; I’m a Moron!

That’s right! I’d take great offense at being labeled an idiot by anyone, and have to insist that rather, I am a Moron. Might sound like a lot of fun-with-words gobbledygook, but there is a big difference.

In early 20th century psychology, an “idiot” was a person with very severe mental retardation. During that time, Dr. Henry H. Goddard proposed a classification system for mental retardation based on the Binet-Simon concept of mental age, and were ranked as follows: Idiots, the lowest you could go, had a mental age of less than three years, and I.Q. Of 0-25. Imbeciles. a step higher, had a mental age of three to seven years, with I.Q.’s Of 26-50. Morons, the highest level yet, had a mental age of seven to ten years and I.Q.’s between 51-70.

At this time, an applied science called Eugenics was being popularized by progressives. It advocated practices aimed at improving the genetic composition of a population through selective breeding of individuals. The movement fell out of favor after WWII, when the Nazi’s took the whole concept to its logical, precision engineering extreme. Interesting how certain concepts lose their popularity, and rapidly fall out of favor when actually tried.

Well, along with the fall of Germany, so too fell the psychological communities’ usage of these terms. But us laymen picked em up right away, and started using them as great insults. Imbecile being popularized by the Three Stooges. Only Idiot is commonly used today, and has it’s own hierarchy of rankings. Goddamn Idiots and Fucking Idiots being examples. According to Eugenics though, you never want to call anyone is a “Fucking Idiot”. They are the last people on earth you want sexually active, and certainly don’t want to put any vile thoughts into their feeble minds. There’s already far too many of them breeding right now in my opinion.

So back to my point. Don’t call me an idiot, or my blog idiotic. Nope. I’m much higher functioning than that. I’m right in there between seven and ten as far a mentality goes. Moron best describes me; and Moronic my style of tried and but true bathroom humor. You can technically call my two and a half year old grandson an Idiot, but he’ll grow out of that. And you probably won’t. So there. We’ll have more on that subject later. Couldn’t resist that one, but hey…I’m a Moron.

Much thanks to Wikipedia for the details.


Comments on: "Don’t call me an Idiot, you Imbecile; I’m a Moron!" (2)

  1. Hey, have you ever checked out the Darwin Award? Highly recommended! There is hope…

  2. Thanks,
    I will be much more careful and accurate when I insult people from now on.

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