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Holiday Wishes

Happy Holidays to one and all of my followers. Or maybe that should read Happy Holidays to all one of my followers. Anyway I just wanted to wish the whole world peace, joy and health for the coming year and what better way to do it than on the worldwide web. Yep, with a single click of the mouse, the whole world gets all the wishes for loving-kindness and well-being that I can muster in a single blast. Amazing what one can do with a single key-stroke, but I won’t dwell on that cause it would ruin the spirit of this posting and make ya paranoid.

What’s really important though, universal peace and harmony notwithstanding, is the debut of my grandson Branden’s art work on the web. At age seven you can already tell that boy has talent. And you know where the talent came from. Not only is old Hansi good at spreading what’s on his mind, he was pretty good at spreading his genes too. So featured above is Branden’s holiday greeting drawing. Pretty good!

Not only is Branden a good drawer [people always used to say to me when I was a little boy: “Hansi, you’re such a good drawer, you should be an architect some day.” Well I went into crime fighting instead, and the only thing I drew was the scorn and ridicule of my co-workers; those bastards….. oops, back to Branden] and he reads way above his own grade level. Maybe some day he’ll be making a posting on Grandpa’s blog.. Branden’s Uncle, Bad Deacon, who is also a good drawer, but prefers doing wood-cuts these days, took Branden to Comic Con last summer. Below is the fruit of that expedition.

Drawn by Branden.


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  1. Nice drawings by Branden, I think the Star Wars pictures are from the “How To Draw Star Wars” panel at ComicCon. Maybe he needs his own website too?

    And if I had a nickel for every time someone asked if I wanted to be an Architect when they find out about my art degree and my engineering degree, I’d have, well, at least a few bucks by now. As if I would ever want to be a hissy pissy architect.

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