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What’s in the box?

I wanted to post this drawing because it’s the coolest one I’ve done so far. Then I started looking at it and wondered “what’s in the box?”. Now I know I drew the picture and should know what’s inside the box the guy is picking up, but I only drew the outside of the box, not the inside, so I’m just as clueless as you are.

That got me thinking’ about that old TV game-show, Lets Make A Deal. The one where old Monty Hall would yell out “Who wants to make a deal?” to his audience, and they would go berserk (while dressed in funny costumes and holding signs) just so they could come down and make a deal with Monty on stage. If chosen, you would get a gift, And, the opportunity to trade that gift for something more valuable hidden behind three doors or in three boxes.  Stuff like a fur coat or convertible car. There was also a ‘booby prize’ called a Zonk which may have been something like a goat or ten cases of canned Lima beans. So you took your chances in choosing a door. If ya picked door number one, they wouldn’t show it to you right away, but rather show you the contents of door number two or three. You really had a choice to make: either keep the unknown door you had, or trade it for another more valuable door instead. Then the wheeling and dealing started, with greed and fear taking over, and old Monty really screwing with peoples’ minds.

Unlike Wall Street, this was all done in a spirit of fun, except when ya chose the Zonk, and like an idiot, won a goat. What a loser. But in a place like Afghanistan, the goat is the most valuable prize you could win. What are ya goona do with a fur coat? too hot and the girls couldn’t fit it one under their Berkas. A convertible in Afghanistan? There’s hardly any roads, and if you could find a place to drive that wasn’t littered with land-mines and roadside bombs, your Taliban buddies would think you sold out to the Infidels and sniper your ass from some mountain top. Goat….much more functional prize.  What a show.  Better than the crap on TV these days, which is just about bunch of people running around willing to do anything for money.

So what’s in that box in my drawing? I don’t know….but I’ll gladly trade it for what’s behind door number two.


Comments on: "What’s in the box?" (9)

  1. My guess is that it’s empty, and that you’re just trying to fool us with some clever glarefingel.

    • You’re right! Congratulations. The box is filled with glarefingel. Now you can keep the contents or trade it for something else.

  2. You could start a petting zoo or perhaps produce your own goat’s milk product line. I purchase goat cheese from the local food coop and it makes for some great dips and spreads.

    BTW, your art work is very fascinating Hansi. Shame on me for not dropping by more to see them.

  3. As a historian I can say you did well here because Greeks wore their armor but were otherwise naked. What’s in the box? If it’s Pandora’s he better bury it and deep. I see you have the hasp facing up which is unique.

  4. A cat… alive or dead, it’s your choice 😉

  5. Thanks for your comment on my blog. I like your work very much. Rlte

  6. Paul J. Stam said:

    You just explain why I don’t have a TV. Again, thanks for following Paper, Mud and Me and for liking “Murder At Sea.” I just signed a contract with another publisher for another book entitled, “Desperate Voyage.” It is about an Atlantic crossing during WWII. – Thanks again – Aloha – pjs.

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