mind expanding nonsense

Who the hell are the Kardashians? I know they have a TV show. But aside from being the Kardashians, what are they famous for. Sarah Palin has a TV show, we all know what she’s famous for. Being a loyal Star Trek fan, I thought Kardashians were an alien race that were kinda evil and forever screwin’ with the Federation. They weren’t likable bad guys like the Clingons, whose language I can speak (stick it up your ‘gazork’ being an example). Did you ever notice that all of these different space species all had the same humanoid bodies, but only their faces were different [the Ferengies can kinda be counted, but only cause they were basically only ugly midgets in need of some dental work]. And if the females of every species had boobs, then they probably also had you-know-whaties, which means they could fornicate with each other, and produce some strange offspring. This was not possible in Star Wars land. I don’t think anything could have copulated with Jobba the Hutt except Jobbinia the Slutt. Anyway, who are these three chicks. To me they are just three swarthy looking Italian tramps with good bodies. If their TV show is about how they go around whoring and having cat-fights with one another, that could be interesting. I suppose I should do some research and maybe Google them or go to Wikipedia. Nay, I think fantasying about who they are and what they do is better.

What really gets me is how these three little trollops are famous for just being famous. I couldn’t resist and did do some research, or at least I know what their next episode features. Well, Kim gets Botox injections because she fears she’s getting old, and has a bad physical reaction: Meanwhile, Kris discovers Kourtney smoking and tries to get her to quit.  Boy, these skanks sure have an exciting life, much more than mine. You wouldn’t want to see a reality show about Hansi [Boring..all the good stuff happens in my mind and doesn’t photograph well]. I’m already old and thats having a physical reaction on me. But three greasie alien chics, that’s a show.

Wonder what Kris was smokin’ that would make Kourtney  jump in her shit?    Guess I’ll have to tune in and find out.


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  1. Janice Pribinie said:

    There are so many inspiring families that are doing wonderful things to make the world a better place by helping others, just like the family we never see that have adopted 12 children with special needs, now THEY could use a Reality show, but do not want to exploit their children, not the reason they adopted these angels.
    Then you have a family of plastic surgery, 10 lbs. of make-up, millions of dollars made by bored people that could be the only ones interested in these folks, they have NO talent what so ever, slutty looking, filty mouths, yes, one makes a mockery of marraige, then you have another that is expecting 2nd child but doesn’t want to marry, one who does nothing with his life, and a MOTHER manager that just got her face lift………. hummmm, now what kind of role models is this family and again, WHAT do they actually do ??? oh let’s not forget Bruce, poor guy should have stayed away from this family, and to think they have 2 more coming up in the rear, those little girls have no chance of a normal life. If we all stop watching, stop buying their merchandise and buying into their brainwashing, maybe they will go away. Kim is pathetic !!!!! The only one that may be more down to earth and not as showy would be Kloie, but then again, what does she do ?????

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