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Post The Rules

A lot of things piss me off. And a lot of things are just plain frustrating. The expectation to behave in a certain manner, without knowing what that expectation is hits both of these nails directly on the head.

In the early days of the Internet I was corresponding with someone and accidentally used all capital letters. I was subsequently rebuked, and admonished that I was ‘shouting’. Now these were the days before Skype where you can actually use your computer to shout at people. I didn’t know I was shouting; I didn’t even know I hit caps lock. Nobody informed me of this rule; I was barely able to use the damn machine. To me, all I did was type capital letters instead of lower case. I wasn’t shouting at this Internet snob. I replied “ sorry, FUCK YOU.” As far as I knew, nobody posted the rules for Internet etiquette.

Another time, the wife and I attended the wedding of the daughter of some close friends. The wedding was up in the mountains in Humboldt County, and was going feature a native American peyote ceremony the night before. I’d never been to a peyote ceremony, but I was willing to try their ‘medicine’. Again nobody posted any rules of expected behavior, or of what was going to go on in a big tee-pee that evening. The Indians didn’t speak to white men, and these folks were so baked form smokin’ weed all day that they could barely sit up straight and clean the little buttons they couldn’t wait to consume. Well this pre-nuptial barf-fest got started pretty late ( they were all too stoned to start getting high) and I was getting tired. I sat through an hour or two of this dis-organized shit and wanted to leave before all the puking began ( my bias being munchies over vomiting on yourself if you’re gonna have a side effect)….. But I didn’t know the rules. You just couldn’t get up and leave as I wanted. No you had to go up front and stand there in front of everybody and get ceremonially smoked. Look at me, I’m bailing on ya.   Nobody posted the rules

There is one place however that does post the rules, and post them very clearly. When you go and visit your loved ones in County Jail, all the rules are their right at the entrance for all to see. Guess the place is already full of folks that didn’t know the rules, and they don’t want any more coming in.

So if you expect me to act a certain way, let me know. POST THE RULES


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