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Guest Geezer Post

Oh woe is me!  With the conversion of General Motors to Government Motors,  my Pontiac Vibe became an orphan and.  If that wasn’t bad enough, with the end of this date,  I no longer can look forward to count-down days.  It’s all over for me and my fellow Gregorian calendar users.  It was fun while it lasted.  It’s gone folks, and many will never know what they’ve just lost.

Counting down to doom or triumph has long been a part of our everyday lives.  Cross a street on any given day in any great metropolis and you’ll be prompted to pick up your pace with red neon numbers counting off the seconds that the signal will hold motorists at bay for your passage.  Trip to the moon,  or infinity and beyond,  and you’ll encounter yet another countdown.  Mission Control in Houston has not even up on launch countdowns, just launches for which countdowns would be recited, and there is certain to be a year-end countdown in Times Square.

Alas, my last countdown is today,  December 11, 2010.  12, 11, 10.  Dates in sequential numeric order cease for this generation,  just as palindromic years ended in 2002.  Perhaps I’m assigning too much emotion to what amounts to be an abstract.  There are still plenty of number patterns to beguile us, as any Soduku puzzle player will attest. Furthermore, some cultures still have calendars which might provide a numerically sequential year in an existing life-span.

There will continue to be number patterns beyond 12/11/10.  Think math,  BIG MATH!   As for lowly me, I just need to fire myself up for the straight sets in Yahtzee  and not dwell on my loss.  Besides, with time running out for all mankind in 2012, my Mayan chums just don’t seem to give much weight to my little lost countdown.

Geezerpuss Rex, the Less Elder signing off….







Comments on: "Guest Geezer Post" (1)

  1. Thanks for the emission Geezerpus. You really lay’d a number on us with that one, and that’s the closest I’ve come to getting laid in a long time.
    You know its not easy for old Hansi to come up with something new everyday. Sometimes I have to wake up in the middle of the night screaming for a brilliant new blog post to be born. Worse yet, occasionally I have to watch Fox News to get a good rant out. It’s not that the content is so scary, everybody basically knows its all a bunch of bullshit. But it’s their TV personalities: They’re all ugly! And that’;s what scares me.
    Take that poor girl Gretta van Resuscitation. Not only does it look like she been whooped with an ugly stick; it looks like she ran through the whole Ugly Forest and got smacked in the face by every low hanging branch. How you gonna take anything she says seriously when all you can think of is: ugly, ugly ugly.
    Now Jillian, the morning show weather-girl, that’s something else. I always watch her forecasts with rapt attention, even though I live nowhere near Los Angeles. So G P, if ya happen to wake up in the middle of the night and have a nocturnal emission..send it to me. I’ll post it.

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