mind expanding nonsense

Same sex marriage used to be legal in California, then it wasn’t, but now it is, but is stuck in a legal limbo in the appellate courts. I say let gays marry. Even if you don’t like gays, ever more so the reason to let em tie the knot. Now there’s a lot of arguments against gay marriage. But they really don’t hold water because of the faulty assumption that marriage has somehow made it to the endangered species list; or that God ordained marriage as indicated in the Bible.

The first argument against same sex marriage is: it’s not Biblical. Well, a lot of stuff is Biblical, like “an eye for an eye”; but who wants a bunch of blind people walking around? And those “holy men”, the Patriarchs. Those guys idea of marriage was a bunch of wives and a stable of live-in whores called concubines. “America’s Best Christian”, Betty Bowers explains what true traditional marriage is on You Tube. Check it out; will blow your mind. To me, anything that you need a license to start, and a court order to end is not sanctimonious nor holy, but barley a baby-step above having your dog licensed. The other standard argument is: same sex marriage will destroy the family. Well let me share a little secret. Every family has ‘One’ and it hasn’t destroyed any families I know of. I have a gay sibling, and for her it wasn’t just a matter of choosing a frivolous flamboyant life-style. It wasn’t her fault; she fell out of the crib, not me.

My conservative friends are probably thinking: “Hansi, you’re full of shit and have been dipping into the medicine jar again.” Well, perhaps. And I’d have to plead no contest on both counts. You can also call me and old hippie who’s in favor of socializing everything from senior citizen’s health care to their retirement programs, but here’s the clincher, the Ultimate Argument For Gay Marriage: If you’re a true homophobe (which I’m not), and really hate them homos , then you Want them to marry!! Yup. Let every last one of them walk down that aisle of doom. It’s a statistical fact the every other marriage (50%) fails. Why should us straights enjoy all the ‘benefits’ of marriage: nasty divorces, years of child support, financial ruin, alimony, and leave the gays out of all this sacred fun. It would be like ol’ Rush wishin’ them love, wealth, and peace of mind to leave them out. No sir! You want theirs asses hurtin’, and not from you-know-what. But eating dung, like half of us are; and sometimes, not getting enough, going back for seconds, thirds, and even four helpings before we get the message. With all us heteros bailing’ on marriage; we want them gays suffering right along side of us…… but not too close.

Now how can you argue with that?


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