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I am not a Hater

I am not a Hater.  Nor am I a misandrist or a misogynist, but sometimes find myself a bit of a misanthrope, especially when mankind stoops to new lows in doing evil to one another.  What I do abhor and find particularly loathsome is the dumbing down of the English language into a tweet- able form.   Hater is a term I despise, for it implies that one is a bad person if they do not like or agree with you. “If you don’t like me you’re a hater and therefore a baaaad person, not a good one like me because you hate something and I don’t.”

Well I hate (extreme dislike) bullshit, especially when it’s ripe and the smell obvious. I hate (extreme dislike) war. I hate hypocrocy. I hate deceptive propaganda.   Does that make me a hater?  Well, maybe  a good hater.   And if I’m a good hater, there is room for improvement for me to become a better hater.  And with a lot of really hard work, I could be the best hater in the world; but that would require that I have God on my side, and if He’s on my side, why then he certainly can’t be on yours.

I really don’t mean to disparage those of the younger set who are fond of ‘haters’ usage, but I have a certain disdain for a simplicity and coinage of new words whose meaning is unclear, and whole heartedly disapprove of its use, feeling it is something that should be shunned all together. Don’t get me wrong, I share no malice for anyone who uses the term, I just have an aversion to ambiguity and shudder at the thought that words are losing their meaning. You may deride me for this, but I am willing to suffer your scorn and disfavor, knowing that while you may show contempt for my views, you will not bear a grudge against me.

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  1. Perhaps us youngins shouldn’t have gotten so uppity when we were making up all this new lingo. If I were able to give any input, it would have been “disliker” instead of “hater”.

    • Sean Thanks again for setting this thing up for me; it’s been great fun and relatively easy to use. I’m doing what you do and writing my stuff in a word doc for future use. In fact, I was up at 4:30 writing a bit about Reptile Dysfunction; to be posted at a latter date. The hard part now is getting the camera thing down. Dad

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