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I Love Sarah Palin

female warrior

I don’t really love Sarah Palin.  Like is even too strong a word.  Admire? Naw.   Envy.  That’s it!  I envy Sarah because because she has the ability to utter sheer nonsense and logic defying statements without any apparent regard for there being any basis in reality as to their truthfulness or accuracy; all the while not causing a ripple of concern amongst her followers.  That’s certainly my goal; and she’s beat me to the punch.

If I were to quit my job as governor, while maintaining that I wasn’t quitting, but rather leaving my job as a public servant to better serve the public, I’d be labeled just a crazy old white man.  I’d be labeled an angry old white man if I were to point out that a lady in California spent over $100 million of her own money in an ill fated attempt at the same sorta job to serve and help out us public people.  (She probably lost by the way, because we Californians realized that spending a hundred million for a 500 thousand  dollar a year job, is not a good return on your money, and brings into question ones ability as a good businessman .)  If slipped and  said North Korea was our ally, I’d be booed off the stage and reminded that North Korea was part of the Axis of Evil along with Iran and those other guys.

I need not go on.  But needless to say, that girl has orbital thinking and delusion down to a fine art, and that’s my goal.  Because my brand of delusion is far more superior to yours.

One more thing.  the above drawing is not intended to infer that Sarah is a Nazi.  That would be Un-American.  It’s just the only drawing that I had available wherein the female figure had their clothes on.  And I would never think of Sarah naked.





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  1. […] down in SoCal for Thanksgiving, so he can share his random thoughts about random things (why he loves Sarah Palin, his disdain of stoopid english, how diapers have kept the Chinese from converting to Christianity, […]

  2. I was googling randomly and came across your son’s site. Then I came to your blog. I’m glad I found it today. Your blogs have made me smile.

    I look forward to reading more….

    best wishes,

  3. Her ignorance is absolutely astonishing. The other day she recalled how Paul Revere WARNED THE BRITISH!! Michelle Bachman is even more bizzare.

    • I agree. They are both “pieces of work”. Can’t wait till they both declare for the presidency. What a cat-fight that’ll be; hope they rip each others blouses off 🙂

  4. I’m definitely creeping on your awesome blog page and loving the four that I have read already. You have an amazing writing style (hard to come by) and you’re pretty funny. I also like your drawings. I don’t like to read random posts in the archive – much like I don’t like to start watching a new show mid season or not from the first – and I just discovered your blog, so I have to start from the beginning and I have a lot of time for the next couple weeks so this is nice 🙂 just wanted to share my thoughts… lol

    • Thanks for stopping by. Enjoy the Archives, there’s some gems in there (along with some turds).


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